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  • High quality material : The disc of the heat diffuser consists of three layers. The upper and the bottom layers are stainless steel, whereas the middle is aluminum for excellent heat distribution.

  • Removable handle design: make it more convenient, It will not only save your kitchen space, but also avoid unnecessary cost on expensive pans.

  • Scope of application :Suitable for gas range, electric stove, induction stove .Use this plate can through the heat from the stove to the cookware like cast iron enamel ware, copper pot, coffee pot, stainless steel pot.

  • Durable :easy to carry out heating quickly and evenly. It also distributes the heat evenly, which in return improves the quality of your cooking and most importantly the taste of the food.

  • Energy Saving:The round rapid heat diffuser is the perfect gadget.It is normal that the surface of the plate would discolor after used, it does not affect the function of the product, nor is it a quality problem.You can read the product instructions carefully before using it.

  • Heat Conduction Plate for Gas Stove,Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel Induction Adapter Plate Removable Handle Coffee Milk Cookware Induction Hob Heat Cooking - VJGN6OFM